NBA playoffs 2017: Bulls’ Rajon Rondo out for Game 5, says injury hasn’t healed

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Rajon Rondo said Wednesday he will not play in Game 5 of the Bulls’ playoff series against the Celtics.

Rondo said he can’t do much with the thumb still. It’s still broke.
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American Race executive producer Dan Partland said it was a difficult decision, but they ultimately decided it was important to face the kind of overt racism Spencer represents.

In the end, we were convinced that it was more important to shine a light, Partland said. They say sunlight is a disinfectant. In the course of filming, we felt there was a lot of change in how the country viewed race and viewed groups like the alt right … The point that we started with the show was believing overt racism did not exist anymore and we needed to talk about systematic racism and subtle things on the margins that people are not always aware of. By the time we got to the end of filming, we felt we were not talking about the elephant in the room but about just racism. Richard Spencer provided an opportunity to expose that and to talk about what underlies all of those different issues.

The four-hour miniseries airs Thursday and Friday with two episodes each night beginning at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET on TNT. Additional clips of the show can be found on TNT’s YouTube page.

He is 33 now, and Gortat is proud to be one of the last remaining pure centers, a guy who has never shown much interest in perfecting a jumper, let alone 3-point range. He has no plans to change that.

Not at all, Gortat said. Back in the day, you had one or two players shooting 3s at the 5 spot. Channing Frye, like that. Now all the sudden, everybody wants to shoot 3s. That’s the path they took, that’s the path they chose … Me, I feel confident with what I do.

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