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Losing one of the best players to ever lace up the sneakers is bad enough.

Jackson has also seen three head coaches. He hired, then fired Derek Fisher, then replaced him with interim coach Kurt Rambis before signing Jeff Hornacek to a three-year deal last summer. Jackson has insisted on running the Triangle Offense, even though several players, including Rose, struggled to grasp the concepts.

This season, Jackson strained his relationship with his star forward. He used social media to co-sign multiple stories that bashed Anthony’s tendency to hold onto the ball. His close friend and former assistant coach, Charley Rosen, also wrote multiple scathing columns critical of Anthony’s effort on the defensive end.

Losing one of the best players to ever lace up the sneakers is bad enough. To not have a first-round pick in a year where defense is prominent is even worse.

Indiana has some heavy shoes to fill after the retirement of Tamika Catchings, five-time Defensive Player of the Year AND the league’s all-time leader in rebounds and steals. Trading their first-round pick and Lynette Kizer to Connecticut may have been a big mistake. However, with three second-round picks, they could pick up some mid-level talent (Erica McCall comes to mind).

The Chicago Sky may have lost one of the top five players in the league in Elena Delle Donne, but in return, they retrieved a king’s ransom from the Washington Mystics, highlighted by the number two pick in the draft. With so many scorers available, the Sky have a chance to seriously make a splash. Northwestern’s Nia Coffey is being looked at as a serious contender, but you can’t rule out the possibility of players like Kaela Davis or Shatori Walker-Kimbrough.

there have been a few questions from fans about why Green deserves to be an All-NBA team selection over

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Those close misses at historic statistical feats shouldnt undersell what Green actually did: completely stifle the Blazers on defense when they tried to attack him while playing a valuable role on the offensive end. Heres Damian Lillard trying to attack Green when he recorded one of his five blocks. You can see it coming seconds before it actually happens.

Recently, there have been a few questions from fans about why Green deserves to be an All-NBA team selection over, say, Paul George. You can understand how George could initially been seen as more valuable because he contributes to the Pacers in a much more traditional way, scoring 24 points per game with the variety of pull-up jumpers and clutch makes you would normally associate with a superstar.

Green, on the other hand, is a 67 switchblade who can guard the entire floor, often plays center despite several inches of height disparity, and can go entire games barely scoring while still providing a crucial offensive role. (He became the first player to record a triple-double without earning 10 points this season, for example.) With Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and now Kevin Durant on the roster, they dont need him to average more than the 11 points he does. We saw last year he can be a bigger scoring threat if he wants — but on this team, with two of the leagues purest scorers and perhaps the best spot-up shooter all in the same uniform, why bother?

Game Mens Zach Duke Jersey There are two ways to look at a unit: whos gone, and whos back? We look at both, but depending on which takes precedent, you get a vastly different outlook for SDSUs offense in 2017.

Marcin Gortat crushed Paul Millsap’s soul with this angry dunk

This is an old reliable the Clippers have been running for years. DeAndre Jordan comes to screen for Chris Paul, then immediately U-turns to set a pick for Redick to catch and shoot in the middle of the court. Jordan angles his screen so that Redick runs his man to him, maintaining the timing necessary to catch the defense off guard.
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Since most teams know this is coming, the Clippers have been adding new wrinkles to this set. For example, watch how Redick ignores the Jordan screen to curl on the baseline around a staggered screen on the other side.

The shot missed, but Redick got a clean look out of it and the Clippers eventually scored after the offensive rebound. This further proves the old axiom: The best plays are the ones that alter one small part of a common alignment.

Marcin Gortat slammed a dunk right in Paul Millsaps face in the final minutes of the Washington Wizards first playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks.

Youth Brian Robison Jersey Millsap is a big, strong man, but he looked like a mere bug in the way on this one.

Gortat gave him a shove at the end, and that on top of some chatter gave him a technical foul. LeBron rolling to the basket sucks everyone inside, which opens up Channing Frye or other shooters on the opposite side. Plus, the pre-play motion means that the point guard has a step on his man, allowing him to create the two-on-one advantage needed to activate the other threats.

Military dad disguises himself as Nebraska player for surprise homecoming

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Matt called being able to dress up in a Husker uniform “a dream come true.” Judging by how surprised and happy his children and wife were, it’s safe to say this was quite the successful surprise.

This is likely a moment that the Hawke family will never forget. On a related note: Is it dusty in here?

There’s a very real struggle on Reddit for dog lovers. Denizens of r/cavaliers gather each day to discuss their love of Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and routinely get their pup discussions ruined by lost Cleveland Cavaliers fans.

The latest came after the Cavaliers beat the Pacers on Saturday night. Immediately after the game, a thread shot to the top of r/cavaliers as a controversial topic.

Every few months this becomes a problem. Dog enthusiasts do their best to try and inform lost users. Whatever it is, those two combined for 75 points against the original Splash Bros on Sunday, even though Portland still fell 121-109. A healthy Golden State team is just impossible to plan for, but the Trail Blazers decided they would try their best to outscore them. With two dynamic guards like Lillard and McCollum both playing great basketball, they’re one of the few teams in the league that could reasonably think this strategy could work for a game or two.

Jack Eichel Jersey But sometimes things get a little more absurd. The worst time for Cavalier King Charles spaniel owners was in 2014. LeBron James was making his second decision, and basketball fans in Cleveland were beside themselves hoping their king would return. When he finally announced he’d be back with the Cavaliers, r/cavaliers had a crisis and dog lovers didn’t know how to deal with their newfound fame.

Tennis player somehow successfully plays shot from the stands

A Davis Cup World Group Quarterfinals doubles match saw one of the wildest shots you’ll ever see in a tennis match.

In a doubles match between Benneteau-Mahut (France) and Inglot-Murray (Great Britain), Mahut literally played a return from the stands. The French team ended up losing the point but YOU HAVE GOT TO WIN SOMETHING for that ridiculous shot and effort!

Coming off that putt, Spieth pumped one right at the short par-4 7th and caught a big kick into some pine straw. He slapped his glove in anger as soon as he came over the crest and saw the final resting spot of his drive. There was another classic Spiethian exchange with his caddie — “Oh, absolutely not!” and “What are you’re talking about?” and “Buddy I can get this into the sand trap” were three demonstratives he made towards his looper, Michael Greller. After pulling a few clubs, they settled on a shot that would try and run up into or near a bunker in front of the 7th green. Instead, he somehow punched it around some trees, then over the narrowest of paths between the multiple bunkers protecting the front of the green.

Even Spieth said “Oh my god” when he saw it bounce onto the putting surface. Considering the desperate debate just moments earlier, both Spieth and Greller could only incredulously stare and then laugh at each other with the result. They kept giggling up the fairway. Somehow, it got on the green. But that’s what Spieth does around here, even when maybe he doesn’t expect it.

that’s pretty good going from Palace

Second placed Tottenham Hotspur have been the best side in the country since the turn of the year and this weekend they became only the fourth side to go to Burnley in the Premier League and win away. They did so in less than perfect circumstances, too: without Harry Kane, and with Moussa Sissoko.
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First-placed Chelsea, meanwhile, were having a rare off day. A combination of wayward finishing on Chelsea’s part, and the excellence of Wilfried Zaha and Mamadou Sakho for Crystal Palace, meant that Chelsea recorded their fourth loss of the season. Given that the others have been against Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal, that’s pretty good going from Palace. More importantly, a 10 point gap at the top of the table is now down to seven. Twitch. Twitch.

The vitality (or otherwise) of a title race depends, for the most part, on the numbers. Too large a points gap, or too few games remaining, and there is no sign of life. It seemed impossible for Tottenham Hotspur to overcome a 10 point gap in 10 games. To overcome seven in nine feels бн well, extremely, extremely, extremely improbable.
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But a title race also depends on the vagaries of the fixture list, on form and mood and fitness, and on pressure and who handles it the best. So, how will Spurs’ remarkable comeback and Chelsea’s remarkable collapse unfold?

The organization’s position was released on Monday.

Thursday’s 11th-hour revision of the discriminatory North Carolina HB2 law presents a renewed opportunity to bring sporting events and business back to the state. Essentially the only reason the law was actually revised was to comply with a line in the sand by the NCAA.

The memo impacts Indiana directly. Paul George is in line for the designated player contract worth $219 million over five seasons. But to qualify for that contract, he must be named a starter in two All-Star Games or be named to one of the three All-NBA teams.

The league’s rich talent at the forward spot makes for steep competition at only six available All-NBA spots.
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Two seasons ago, Anthony Davis forfeited $24 million over the life of his five-year deal after failing to be either named to an All-NBA team or be voted twice as an All-Star starter. Conversely, Damian Lillard earned an additional $12.7 million when he was named to an All-NBA team last season.
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This decision takes the inherent bias to vote for hometown players away from local broadcasters. Maybe the secondary can pick up the slack. McKnight, Bierria, Ethan Aguayo, and Chad Miller are seasoned, exciting safeties, and senior corners Andre Chachere and Jermaine Kelly made quite a few plays to offset the plays they allowed last year. Because they had to play an extra role in run support, they got burned quite a bit on first down (passer rating: 171.9), but they were lights-out on third (103.2). They will be asked to do more with the rebuilt pass rush, but they might pull it off. If opponents ever have to pass.

After starting 0-6 the Giants have fought their way back into the NFC East race.

Scott Tolzien played a solid game, but couldn’t overcome three costly interceptions as the Giants won 27-13 to climb back into the NFC East race.
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Tolzien, forced into action with Aaron Rodgers sidelined with a fractured collarbone and backup Seneca Wallace out for the year, had the Packers within one possession late in the fourth quarter, but a costly error ended the threat and gave the Giants their fourth consecutive win.

With 10:55 remaining in the game and the Packers down 20-13, Tolzien tried to lift a pass over the head of Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who was crashing in off the right side. Pierre-Paul casually plucked the ball out of the air as it rocketed over his head and jogged into the endzone for a 24-yard pick-six.

Winnipeg could have been in a position to take a run at the Western Conference playoff standings, but their health deteriorated over the last few months. Eight players, including Laine and Byfuglien, have fallen prey to the injury bug.
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Would the Jets have made the climb to the postseason even with their key players uninjured? Who knows. But no one likes losing almost double-digits in players to injury, especially over a few weeks鈥?time. Just ask the Penguins.

With the offseason near, and Vegas throwing a wrench into the draft plans, most teams will likely be scrambling to sign and make deals to accommodate their biggest players. The Jets, however, will have just four unrestricted free agents to deal with and have a projected $6.3 million in cap space to work with.

The only big-name UFA coming off the books at the end of the season will be Pavelec, and with their cap space they鈥檒l have plenty of room to get Marko Dano, Copp, Brandon Tanev, Ben Chiarot, and Hellebuyck under contract. Some smart management this offseason can set them up well for a bright future.